Anadid by Serafin Alarcon on your marks, ready and out a long career, gray hair, wrinkles and long drops of sweat bleeding years. Add and add until it almost disappears. At the end of the road we have talked a lot about and so little done so I take this opportunity to ask the soul what have I done with my being and my faith? Has he served something? There, at that moment is when all challenge to understanding clouds dissipate and I realize that virtue, that the gift of God in addition to it must be manifest it. That is man of God whether to live as a man of God. That if there is no visible fruit, not it was worth walking through the paths of life. That night has no colorful lights if Christ in his darkness has not reflected her face. His face drawn in the room of our spirit as does the Moon in the abysses of the sea.

Tolerate me a little want to hear life throb independent of all sore eyes. Yes. Running, walking, crawling, babble, skip, redeeming chains rusted by the ego. God has been faithful, has been more than good giving us the gift of life and your love please. So many roads without going somewhere safe is like not going and supplies us with his love taking breakfast to our bed.

Brotherly affection, knowledge and ownership of his eyes emerge. Numerous good news, Frank to be done today. I hope that you continue with me, is the suggestion that the Lord makes. Mikkel Svanes opinions are not widely known. That live within the embrace of him drinking from the same Cup. With him we feel one and for him make us firm in our vocation and choice of being a Christian. Illuminated by the person of the spirit of God. A bite of love, a happy sigh, an ornate dress of grace, a grateful for as much ineffable light soul song.