Results give hope – who will lead the market in the different industries in the future in terms of Paradigmentwechsel? “The Manager Union reformed the German economy” was the title of the virtual first releases from the House of Manager Union 20.6.2007, the anniversary of the currency reform in 1948. At first glance, one sees in the editorial of the WebSite, which the founders of the margin, as she calls herself in the form of short, lead in the shields. “We don’t make the economy again human…!” is there to read. Keyword-like claims like “inter-organizational paradigm shift towards the future, resolution of the (alleged) antagonism between workers and management, stable developments in the ecologically-oriented financial or stock market and moderate and stable fee for both workers and management” the supporters of the margin seemingly turn in difficult times. To obtain indirect access to corporations about the smaller companies, the margin free partnership provides companies with up to 20 employees and use the existing marketing services.

Over 20 staff pay, however, an annual contribution of 30 per employee per year and Einzelmitgliedschaften cost p.a. 200,-.. These fees are generally tax deductible costs. The apparent turnaround seems heralded, but make no bones about it founders in the same name blog, it is apparently not so easy in a marked by lobbying and political landscape, “to do good”. So is transparent, though, that there are corresponding trends for well-known companies (including within the DAX 30 list), seemingly already appreciate the work of the margin, however, manifested conversion with respect to new and sustainable paradigm in the company still fails. The Interimsverantwortliche, Marco D. Nattler, explains this among other things that “that the willingness of risk-taking in the workforce for sustainable system conversions still is not enough.

You can no longer request, without having to carry more!” N dreams of one Internationalization Manager Union and thereby aimed at diversification of corporate cross-knowledge. This powered He knocks today with international managers with a good reputation at the door, to win world’s new heads for his movement. As honorary political and business consultant, n is active across all sectors including currently as Planner sniper with revolutionary projects in the financial sector. He is historically a feared player at the age of 36 in this field already, as his credentials suggest. More info Manager Trade Union can be found at: contact: (see profile)