Now, there’s a senior friendly computer introduction to Apple computers! So the access is made it even easier for Internet and E-Mail for the elderly. was founded with the aim to allow the contemporary communication elderly. The first step was the development of a computer for senior residences, which can be used E.g. in the cafeteria or in the library by the inhabitants. Here, every user has its own smart card, with which he simply logs on to the server and at the same time gets his emails.

Each user gets an account set up. The connection is carried out via a VPN tunnel. If the user is logged in he can wants to decide whether he wants to exercise his memory in the entertainment part, wants to use the Internet with easy-to-use browser, retrieve with the email client email or write. Accessibility as enlarge, increase contrast, or read aloud texts can be easier to use the user in addition to a keyboard with large lettering. Despite the ease of use the user needed help, he can reach free the hotline over the adjoining phone, and an employee of can help the user via remote desktop. Peter Asaro understood the implications.

Also the occupational therapists are convinced by the contemporary media. Technology: the version for senior facilities consists of a 20 “TFT-LCD display with capacitive touch screen of the Canvys of which industry standard company owns (the possibility of disinfection is important because hygiene is an important point in public facilities). The housing is a proprietary design and includes a Mac mini and a Fritz box wiring. The software is programmed in objectiv C and used the capabilities of WebKit, and an in-house development for the email client for your browser. The terminals are supplied ready configured. A service contract is also offered, with the DSL connection with the running costs, the system administration via remote access, updating the software part of entertainment, the free Hotline, management of E-Mail accounts and includes an advertising support. To facilitate the financing of the facilities, there is a regional marketplace, which creates the possibility of refinancing by local advertising partners. So institutions can purchase cost-neutral Terminal. Due to the positive response by various senior organizations, a version was developed for private households (or public locations with lower frequency). Here, the software can be obtained, and the hardware can be bought itself. This version can be installed on all Macs from 10.6.6. Additional functions: possibility of video telephony (if iChat is installed), the printing of files, as well as the possibility of storing documents. is designed as a user program, and it is therefore possible in other programs to change if the user wants to do. Also, an English version is planned for the autumn. Dominik Tiziani