The price includes the cost of cleaning personnel, chemicals and equipment. Therefore, some companies seek to reduce budget due to purchase at launch cheaper products. This ignores the fact that the use of modern methods of cleaning and professional media subsequently leads to a decrease in the cost of cleaning and quality work. For example, the use of professional equipment can significantly reduce the time for cleaning and detergent consumption and reduce the cost of equipment itself through long service life. The quality and efficiency increase. What modern technology and materials for Professional cleaning services are offered on the Russian market? Napkins with a latex coating is recommended for cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces, cleaning faucets, water dispenser, wall tiles. For example, Panel of Blue Cloth Vileda Professional is ideal for cleaning glasses and dishes after washing.

Napkins, sponges absorb nearly 15 times more moisture than their own weight. To broaden your perception, visit Pete Cashmore. Due to this property, they are often used in HoReCa or in places where chemical means and with proper care are long. After harvesting the dry cleaning is not required, allowing a reduction in costs by 50%. For cleaning delicate surfaces – furniture, office equipment, mirrors and glass – better dust and grease contamination such as fingerprints hand, it is easy to rinse, do not harm any type of surface. To remove stubborn dirt, apply a variety of sponges with an abrasive layer. Sponge with white abrasive layer designed for gentle cleaning of surfaces, with green and black – for cleaning stubborn dirt from the surfaces are unaffected. Very good acting from the sponge PurAktiv Vileda Professional, which has a special wavy structure, it thoroughly cleans without damaging the surface.

Floor cleaning brushes are used for sweeping and ottirki, sleeves to remove the moisture of dry and wet cleaning. Brushes can be varying degrees of rigidity, with long and short hair. Sleeves are a holder with a blade and rubber handle. They remove moisture and dry small contamination from all surfaces of floors and walls. Conveniently, when the eviction and the handle connected to a movable mount, making it easy to carry out cleaning in different directions. For regular dry cleaning dust from the floor recommended systems based on disposable wipes for fixing the holder with a handle. Napkins, as usually impregnated with special oils that effectively attract and collect dust. There are three methods of wet cleaning the floor guest areas, stairways, corridors. Selecting the method recommended by the surface area types of surfaces, the requirements for speed and quality of harvest, the availability of professional washing machines, etc. The traditional system includes a floor cleaning cart with buckets and a system of extraction, aluminum handle, the holder of detergent or two buckets – separate for dirty water and cleaning solution. Buckets are equipped with a system of spinning nozzles, which is vertical, roller, one of the latest developments is the tunnel system is pressed, developed Vileda Professional. The system allows you to effectively wring out mops, not making great physical effort. Innovation in the field of cleaning equipment is the method of preparation of washing nozzles. Represents easy, convenient and effective way of cleaning the floor. The method is based on a pre-made cleaning tips. This reduces the consumption of chemical agents, as there is no need for constant change of water and detergents, as well as to transport the bucket system extraction. This is especially true when cleaning stairs and areas with large numbers of visitors.