Terry products, these days are not only necessary items for hygiene, but can give pleasant emotions to their masters. Terry towels will help to create a sense of comfort and coziness in the house. But a problem arises, what rules for choosing and buying bath towels, if the store is the variety of choice? Draw attention to some rules that will help you make the right choice. When buying bath towels please attention to the following details. If you want to buy terry towel, ask your question – for what, for what purpose you want to buy terry products. This will help you to understand the huge variety of terry products on the market. The main criteria for selection terry towels often: price, visual quality, tissue density, size towel, design, color scheme, the additional elements.

Distinctive features of quality terry towels are: 1. Be gidroskopichnym. The main objective of towels – good to absorb moisture. This ability to absorb depends on the density. The greater the density of the towels, the best bath towel will absorb the moisture 2.

Just feel the towel – to touch the towel should be soft. Take a towel in hand, take a look. Loop frazzles should be the same length, and do not differ from each other. 3. Smell the towel – the towel should not be strangers, unpleasant odors. 4. Color should lie flat on the entire towel, without streaks. 5. With the growth of technology, manufacturers can offer you original solutions. This may be embroidery, edging, jacquard inset, unusual design, the originality in the details. In this situation, you have to rely only on your taste. The result was a small and simple list of rules that will help you choose the quality towel. This towel will absorb the moisture very well, but it will also give its owner a unique feeling of freshness and softness. Will be every day to care for your skin and give great emotions, who will charge you on a positive day!