Once through the EM-1 and black film, I just two weeks in the green grass was a first-class compost bin. Learned from the preparation to receive the new drug, used it to make liquid green manure, watered with solutions of 1: 500 or 1:1000 soil and plants applied to the compost – about all you can read on my literary website under "Gardening". Then the miracle began to lose power. If before the bottle, where the honey-based em bred, almost like a champagne out lunging foam, now raging diminished. Some microorganisms are killed, the chain broke off and it should recover. Acquired drug Baikal EM-1, but the former activity was not achieved. That's when I wrote about his Observations and doubts material "EM technology – agriculture xxi century" and posted on the site. The material came habarovchanin va Shevtsov, began to educate me by sending all the new articles and reports about the march of the em technologies planet.

And suggest what my mistake. We're often reinvent the wheel and wonder why are obtained of cart wheels. My friend is very skeptical of the "Baikal EM-1" – about a third kind of Japanese products. Enthusiasts squeezed out of it all may have appeared in many details about the positive results. I can not judge who's more right. This is a matter of specialists. In Vladivostok, Vladimir Severin I created in collaboration with the Japanese emro (EM Research Organizaition) Primorsky EM-Center ", where the produce of the East-EM-1 – analogue of the Japanese facility.