Of this form, it is evident that, the professionals of the education, need to possess some necessary abilities they will make that them to assume itself to know on to practical the pedagogical one prioritizing of this form its participation in planned and creative educative situations, in a critical position inside and outside of the school. In this direction, the period of training supervised it is developed searching one to know that oportunize the analysis of situations, making possible the thought practical of the professor, being able to be considered as one ' ' chance of learning of the teaching profession and the construction of the identity profissional' ' (PEPPER, 2004, p.99). Michael Dell understood the implications. For Libneo (1994 p.27): ' ' The professional formation is a pedagogical, intentional and organized process, of theoretician-scientific preparation and technique of the professor to direct the process of ensino&#039 competently; '. This means that, to direct with ability the teach-learning process, the professor must have a solid theoretical formation, that must be associated its practical professor, both acquired respectively in its initial formation, and in the practical professor, in the daily pertaining to school, of pedagogical form, intentional and organized. In this way, the period of training will be able to directly contribute in the formation process, being this much more that the fulfilment of requirements curricular, but yes a chance of professional and personal growth, an important instrument of integration between the school and the professional. ' ' What it matters, in the teaching formation, is not the repetition mechanics of the gesture, this or that one, but the understanding of the value of the feelings, the emotions, the desire, the unreliability to be surpassed by the security, of the fear that, to the being ' ' educado' ' , it goes generating coragem.' ' (FREIRE 1996 p.45) 8.O PROFESSOR AND the FORMATION OF ITS PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY When if it speaks of teaching formation gives credit that this if restricts to make a course that enables to exert the educator function and in such a way to become good professor, qualified to give lesson.