Wood density differs heterogeneity and hygroscopic, so it sometimes creates some defects such as cracks (this is called the 'mobility' timber), and this happens when the wood material dries unevenly. Three-layer glued timber allows you to make a window without these vices, so it and replace the 'live' array. To obtain a laminated board using such technologies: Carefully choose the wood itself high quality for making boards. In general, the boards are made of larch, ash, Angarsk pine. To broaden your perception, visit Mikkel Svane. Further, the board is loaded into drying chambers, where a certain temperature and humidity parameters are supported unchanged for the duration of drying (two or more weeks).

These technologies allow the boards to dry evenly. Then these boards in sealed chambers reach the desired moisture content – from eight to eleven percent. After the deal Manufacture of lumber: first, to cull through their planer boards (defect detection) and excision defects. Then carefully glue the boards by the end. Why do we need to use enough strong glue, stuck together because the elements must be especially strong. Scantlings consists of a lamella, which in size and picking up lumber. Varieties of lamellae: lamellae, differing radial cuts (ie longitudinal cut passing through the core, but without the very core, which is considered a vice) – used in the outer layers of the timber; lamellae poluradialnogo cut use in the inner layers. Later in the production of timber comes the next step – gluing.

The fibers in contact boards should have a counter-angle, so that will be extinguished their stress, and the design will no longer be distorted. The next stage – a stage, which results in profile. This process is now unthinkable without the modern ultra equipment. Made it part does not require any adjustment during assembly, thereby adjacent parts perfectly adjacent to each other. Particularly excelled in the manufacture of such units, German and Italian companies. It is important to remember to finish wood materials. Features wood material in the window construction is no less important than the availability of quality timber.