– If the plaster contains insufficient amount of cement, it will crumble and crumble. When he was in a mixture of more than the norm, while drying the layer it shrinks, and this will lead to cracking. As a check for the powdered materials in the laboratory were measured indicators of performance. Among them, the rate of hardening and setting time of the mixture (determined in accordance with gost 310), which calculated by using the device Vic. Measured as its fineness of grinding on the balance with the equipment for mechanical or pneumatic pressure screening – testing sieve.

"Working with the materials for interior floors Low quality is also very difficult – says Andrey Streltsov. – For example, the laminate planks do not fit joint to joint, formed a gap, we have to be customized, and this leads to waste of material. " If the products certified, for example, by European standards en 685 (Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings – Classification – a classification system of flexible, textile and laminate flooring), it will ensure compliance of all sizes. And also the fact that the products tested for resistance to stains, slip resistance, sunlight, etc. Depending on the results on the wear-resistant coatings is assigned to a particular class.

This indicator determined by the grinding wheel with abrasive paper. If floor coverings contain formaldehyde materials, the tests are conducted on his selection. Roll materials for the flooring, made with violation of technology, will be subject to rapid deterioration, color change pattern, the deformation of the coating.