Search Engines mercilessly banyat (excluded from Google) web sites, untwisted by search engine optimization. Banyat not forever – up to 2 months. Optimizers tend not responsible for it – they put you in the task of top issue in any way. As we can see, this way of promoting the most efficient (if you are at the top issue), but also the most dangerous. Viacom is a great source of information. Use it or not – it's up to you. So from what is most effective ways to begin? Before you begin to advertise online – shop, you need to make sure that there are no broken links (link leads to a nonexistent page), view all static partitions for correct filling (very important is the absence of grammatical errors).

It is also important to present the goods on the site (here you should know such a rule: the more variety of shops, the more orders), if possible, store the product as much as possible. Also make sure that you can process orders received (phone numbers listed on the site really works, couriers are ready to carry goods, etc.), on the one hand it seems obvious, but it is all. If this is done, you can begin advertising of the store. Best to start with Yandex-market, because main mass of customers will initially there. To use this site in your software should be a module that creates a yml-price your product offerings. If such a price is not possible – refer to the developers Your software. Talk in detail about the registration, I will not – this is Yandex, Yandex-service on the market can be read here.