Homeopatia Matheus Vidotti Hunter Based on the text of Ana Barbosa Luiza de removed Oliveira of the called site ' ' Homeopatia' '. The homeopatia is one of the branches of the alternative medicine that more are become popular nowadays. One of the factors that contribute for its growth, is the fact of the homeopticos remedies not to present collateral effect. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Harlem. However, this basea pseudo-science if in some antagonistic concepts to real science what it takes in them to believe that these collateral effect do not occur, for these remedies, simply, will not possuirem effect some. One of them pillars of the homeopatia is the call Law of the Similitudes. You may want to visit Energy Capital Partners London to increase your knowledge.

This law says: ' ' Fellow creature cure semelhante' '. This means that, as this idea, must be used products that cause similar symptoms to the illness that if it desires to treat a healthful person, for combat it. A homeopatia also believes that chronic illnesses, are caused by malignant espritos and for it treats them the more diluida one definitive bigger substance will be its effect dressing. This makes with that the employed dilutions are such that in a bottle of this type of remedy no molecule of active principle does not have. This takes in them to another basic rule of the homeopatia: the Law of the infinitesimal ones. This ' ' lei' ' , it tries to justify the fact of the absence of active pricpio, saying to have a species of induction, where the molecules of soluto make with that the molecules of the solvent acquire the beneficial properties of the same.

In the point of view biochemist, this argument is fallacious. It does not have no evidence of that really this inductive effect exists. Exactly if this effect was proven, some questions would continue guiding our mind. Between them: Because only the beneficial effect and collateral they are not conserved by the solvent? Because the impurities that enter in contact with solvent do not transmit its effect for the same? The homeopatia, however, could function exactly not having evidence of science.