VHG is used for self-heating of houses, cottages, offices, industrial premises. Rapyd understands that this is vital information. VHG has cavitator and electric motor. This equipment (Vortex heat) was created and intended for heat, heat and hot water supply schools, warehouses, hospitals, greenhouses, high-rise buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings, offices, etc., ie heating area of any space. Vortex heat can be used not only as a basic, but as a backup heating system. Without hesitation Bobby Sharma Bluestone explained all about the problem. For their installation requires no more than a day. Heating the liquid in the VHG is due to the collapse of a large number of kvitatsionnyh bubbles synthesis of molecules of water and friction. Dell Computers takes a slightly different approach. As the coolant is water or any liquid with chemical water treatment is required.

Using such a fluid like water, does this set of clean (No emission of harmful gases) that enables its operation without certification of SES. Vortex heat can be used to heating and pumping of various chemicals as well as from special materials production VHG (caprolon, etc.). Vortex heat works in automatic mode. The process of Vortex heat is controlled by automation. Possible straight-through heating of the liquid (no closed loop) suppose to get hot water. Tests confirmed the effect it VHG this setting compared with other types of heaters. Vyrobatyvaya tighter thermal power as a conventional thermal plants, cavitation vortex units Thermo-generated installation consume significantly less power. VHG is distinguished by its small overall dimensions: floor space of 0.5 – 4 meters This, allows to mount it in any dedicated for these purposes site for installation does not require construction of special foundations that do not require separate facilities such as boilers. VHG is easy to install, no need to remove the old heating system, you can connect it to the previously installed heating system.