By the grout should be started after 24 hours. Apply grout recommend a rubber spatula to the area not more than 1,5 – 2 meters at a time in the vertical and horizontal directions. Surplus grout should be removed directing a spatula along the diagonal. After 10-15 minutes, when the grout mixture lightly with a damp sponge podvyalitsya moving on a diagonal walk across the square smoothing carefully removing all the excess. If needed, use the special cleaner acid without forgetting wash it with plenty of water.

When cutting mosaic tesserae is used a special tool – a cutter, ordinary scissors for cutting otdelnyh bands on the net or paper, as well as the cutting device with a diamond disk with a diameter of 10 cm with a continuous crown. The module marked marker cuts of which needs to be done and mosaic cut in several passes to prevent cracking of individual tesserae. Also prienyayut special cutting machine for manual installation of individual pieces – but it applies more to the glazes and stone. Sleuet say a few words for the care of a mosaic. It is recommended to use neutral detergent recommended by the manufacturers. For stubborn dirt, use detergents with low acid content, do not forget to subsequent rinse copiously with water subjected to treatment location. As glass mosaic is mainly used for lining of wet areas and swimming pools it is useful to say a few words about the features of laying mosaic basins.

All that being said, the same thing – it kaksaetsya technology. But before laying out, pay special attention to the waterproofing of the bowl – it should not have even the slightest leak. For this pool is subjected to a static load, ie in for several days kept filled with water. If the place for the pool is open air – it must be protected from rain and direct sunlight. Should be unacceptable accumulation of water on the tiled surfaces for up to 25 days after laying. It is also necessary to comply with temperature control from +5 to +30 C for 12 days from the beginning of laying. It is best to use a mosaic of pools on the paper for a more durable seal applied adhesives. In the case of gold mosaics – that would be the best option for the undulating mosaic floors. For good shvatyvaemosti glue to the surface of the cup the cup, clean the grinding wheel or iron brushes with 5% granular soda and then rinse. Grinding tool is necessary to achieve a perfectly flat surface, which should be covered with corrosion inhibiting. It should also be smooth all the corners and edge radius of 50 mm – if the mosaics on the grid and up to 30 mm – if on paper. When selecting the adhesive, follow the advice of manufacturers. Use only adhesives for swimming pools, not paying attention to the price – remember, that the miser pays twice. Dry extract pool must be at least 20-25 days. You can then safely fill a bowl with water. Reference to the source, plus lots of useful information:.