To close with a flourish or private personal victory you have to learn to prioritize your life, you have to decide and choose each day where you’re going to direct your energy, your power, and that only you can do if you have very clear order your priorities, which is why I invite you to ask every day what are my priorities today? Where do I have to focus my energy today? What’s my list of priorities? and focalizarte to what is important to you, that will allow you to actually achieve the purpose for which they embody here in this material form a spiritual sense, this is the compass that lets you say whether or not to various issues that will arise in the path towards your goal every day, and that, I want to know what you have to be very clear, that only depends on you, your ability to establish these priorities, and give them the place which they are entitled in your life, your unique personal history.

With these three steps, proacitvidad, mission, and establishment priority-victory is guaranteed, and this enables you to move to a public victory interpersonal, in which we establish relationships in which we communicate effectively, in an empathic from the heart, we understand each other before being understood, something that only you can make if you’ve closed the circle of your private victory, establishing this form of non-violent communication, human and sensitive we made our way, so that assertive way we relate in a win-win or no deal, where parties with whom we interact, recognize our value and fully exert to navigate the turbulent rivers of human interactions with this card up his sleeve, which benefits all those who seek to interact with us based on a premise of respect, trust and value. Finally when we relate to others, both personally and professionally previous tools allow the establishment of dialogues and conversations rich and intelligent discussions, where consensus and synergy is the bread Our daily and evolve together into a personal and social development in which the whole is greater than the parts involved. That is why I invite friends aa practice and incorporating these steps into their lives in order to achieve the desired personal and interpersonal success based on high principles, ethical and accurate. Venture into a victory for both private and public! Maria Tirone Economist HR Management Specialist Your Personal and Business Coach clik on the following link to participate actively in the discussion forum of the group, thanks in advance for your participation:.