Information platform shows expert tips and examples of linking Web and real objects empty, November 09, 2011 – is a device using Web command is controlled, one speaks of the ‘Internet of things’ -. In this way, users can control such as mobile home automation solutions, multimedia applications or security systems by Smartphone or Tablet PC. Due to this trend, ELV ( Electronics shipping House has expands its portfolio to mobile devices and Internet network solutions. The co@xLAN-Technik is new (say: coax-LAN), which uses the satellite antenna distribution for the connection to the WWW. interested, see an information platform for establishment and operation of a home network. To the question “Which technique set to you in the future when your home networking?” vote ELV recently 851 customers in the ELV trend barometer made.

The result: 38% of respondents rely in future on LAN technology. Place the wireless alternative Wi-Fi covered 35.3%. On the rise are the Powerline – / dLAN technology (10.7%), which uses the in-house power network for data transmission, as well as co@xLAN (2.7%), that allows the Internet connection via the antenna distribution. The advantage of these solutions is that used existing power or satellite connections and the user must create no new cables. At least 7.6% want to wireless technologies use, such as to iPhone home automation system to control HomeMatic. About SAT in the network, the co@xLAN-Technologie is only for a few weeks on the market. The ELV range based on this technology includes the antenna wall socket, the Multiswitch for up to eight participants, as well as the 4 x combiner. During the installation the user connects the DSL router depending on the scope of the DiSEqC-switch or the Combiner. Thanks to “Plug and Play” technology, the system automatically configures itself. The antenna wall socket is connected to the multi switch or the single sheath soft.