Today, recreation in a country house – is not only an opportunity to get out of the dirty stuffy city and breathe fresh air. It is also a delight terms of comfort, that provide us with modern technology. However, arrangement of his country in the spirit of our corner assumes a reasonable knowledge and specific skills that are available for anyone to master. And the main purpose of this publication – to acquaint interested persons with method of selecting one of the most important devices in the country estate, is responsible both for irrigation and water supply for all the country house. To avoid problems with selecting and installing a pumping station for the automatic watering lawns and other plants on the site, you should consult with specialists or installation issue completely entrust a specialized company. In order to optimally select the necessary pumping equipment automatic watering system, you need to calculate as precisely as possible the preliminary parameters of pump installation. For the calculation, the following initial values: consumption of the pumping station (Q) and sufficient pressure (H). Calculation rate (productivity) is a pumping station on water consumption, is dependent on the number of watering heads in the avtopoliva.

To calculate the required capacity to add bandwidth usage of all the points, that is, the capacity of all sprinklers automatic watering system. To calculate the required pressure has a special formula, it is difficult for simple summer resident and suitable only for experts who know all the intricacies of installation of pumping equipment. We present it for review: n = rtap x 10.2 + Hgeo + Hf, where rtap – the required pressure at water pumping, no less than 2 bar; Hgeo – height of the point water pumping on the minimum water level in the source water intake; Hf – loss of pressure in the pipeline and in the sleeves; Hf = Hftab x L, where L – the length of the pipeline.