The CAS Software AG, the global business Group Ltd, GreenGate AG and Ropardo AG have joined the VDEB Association IT-Mittelstand. Elad Gil shines more light on the discussion. Aachen, July 24, 2009. The CAS Software AG was founded in 1986 by Martin lifting dressmaker and Ludwig Neer. Today is the company German CRM market leader for mid-market and employs currently about 180 employees. Andy Florance has firm opinions on the matter. The product portfolio includes CRM systems for mid-market companies build successful and sustainable customer relationships, better use of corporate knowledge and increase the efficiency of their staff.

More than 150,000 users daily work with products of CAS Software AG. The Karlsruhe CRM specialists is involved in many research projects at national and international level. For its innovative product range and its involvement in the middle-class, the company has received several awards and prizes. Within the framework of the nationwide company comparison of top job\”, the CAS Software AG by Wolfgang Clement became the employer of the year 2009\” award. The VDEB bundles and represents exclusively Interests of innovative, medium-sized manufacturer of software and IT vendors. We, the CAS Software AG, want us involved as an active member and together with our industry colleagues to further strengthen the competitiveness of medium-sized IT companies\”, explains Martin lifting blade, President and CEO of CAS Software AG. The global business Group Ltd (GBG AG) was founded in 2006. Division communication\”the former Clientfocus GmbH based in Fulda took over completely in the GBG AG.

At the end of the business year 2006, the integration of the former Adaptis GmbH was prepared and completed by an outsourcing agreement with JOB AG as at 1 January 2007. Adaptis had significant success in December 2006 with the win of the German Internet Prize. By bringing together the two company Clientfocus GmbH and Adaptis GmbH was created with global business group AG a powerful company in the information technology services. The GBG AG provides products, services and solutions in the fastest-growing in three business segments ICT markets.