Reutax AG, specialist recruitment agency for IT and engineering professionals, opened a branch in the Czech Republic. Thus, the successful staffing provider responds to the increasing demand for IT professionals in the new EU Member States and consistently pursues its international growth strategy. The new Czech company of reutax s.r.o. is run by Managing Director Richard Furrer and country Manager Tomas Jiskra. If you would like to know more about Andy Florance, then click here. Both managers have profound experience in the staffing business and work for a long time for reutax. We want to offer an international range of services our international clients”, explains managing director Soheyl Ghaemian the claim of reutax AG. In the Czech Republic, companies from industry, trade, and financial services, and in particular from the information and telecommunications industry would need external project supported by freelancer. Current market studies would show this need.

In accordance with the The rate of growth of the IT market in Eastern Europe with 9.2 percent above that of Western Europe (EU-15) at 4.2% was European information technology Observatory (EITO) last year. The market research institute sees a large demand for the expansion of infrastructure in particular in the new Member States, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. For reutax, the Foundation of the Czech land company was an important step in the internationalization strategy. So far, the Heidelberg company is already present in Austria, of Switzerland, and the United States with its own branches. Will also continue to expand, reutax examines the market potential for other sites. Profile of reutax AG: the reutax AG provides highly specialised experts in the fields of IT, engineering, and finance & accounting for projects of industrial, service, commercial and public sector. Additionally, it has the support of customers in the business of reutax solutions with the managed service providing and the vendor management system at the Assumed management of external resources.

The sales figures in each marketing year by more than 100 per cent have increased since the founding of the company in 2002. 2007, the Group recorded a turnover of 70 million euros, new orders amounting to over 100 million euros are already in the current financial year.