Only measure senhafte interventions and their own behavior changes make a difference. People are strange beings with peculiar psychological inclination: rarities will fascinate you! Attach to therefore worth more strange things, just because they are rare (quantity or quality, mass rather than class)! The Sparrow/Sparrow is such as part of a food chain in the conversion cycle of nature. We see its frequency and thus seemingly low value. Not the benefit to the nature. But it’s like a cascade: for example a quiver-flies-art is lost their predators into distress and then their predators. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. For certain other species abound, which in turn displace the other: insects, fish, and birds. People intuitively connect own benefits, mass with class and price.

Object and subject? What is there in large quantities and used directly by us, us is less value (e-system, un value life). The usefulness in organisms (Management 1st order Cybernetics 3rd order =) after their opportunities before and Species frequency in causal set: ants = value-get available en masse. Evolutionary benefit? Peacock = value full, rare; Evolutionary benefit? Caviar = edible, value full, rare; Evolutionary benefit? It is considered not of direct benefit to the evolution! Our personal and commercial interests based on our scanty scientific knowledge, are our assessment plan! Much more depends so unpretentious types such as earthworms, woodlice and ants evolutionary but as of a Peacock! What gaps tear their withdrawals? Tolerance, an apply allow and grant allow foreign beliefs, practices and customs. Today often also the recognition of equality of individuals is meant. The underlying verb tolerate was borrowed in the 16th century from the Latin tolerare (endure”).

“The adjective tolerant in the importance of tolerant, forgiving, generous, broad-minded” is used since the 18th century. As well as Intolerant, intolerant, no other opinion or belief considered opposing education leaving as its own”. The opposite term tolerance is intolerance in tolerance, meaning”in the 18th century from the French intolerance borrowed.