When you open the window, you see that the world is very different than in the large economic theories. Of the equilibria that are summoned in the mainstream economics is there out there very little to see. Euphoria and recovery followed by anxiety and crash. Successful companies are suddenly in trouble because no one wants to buy their products. The real economic world does one thing above all: you changed constantly. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Viacom. Pantha rhei said Heraclitus: everything flows. Everything is in constant motion and change. In order also to our cultures.

Alone that each year new employees in the company come and eliminated others. Also the offer is changed by changing the demand. Unfortunately, Presidents try to bring a maximum peace and order (deterministic) in the company: Control, criticism, correction backwards. The highest form of order but is death! Each company must change, adapt to the changing needs of customers, it must therefore constantly reinvent itself before others do it (Schumpeter). Evolutionary theory, biology: The British naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) founded mid-19th century the theory of evolution. Thus the nature and fauna through a natural selection in the course of thousands of years has evolved gradually. A Vitalistisch systemic regulatory process! That’s why people buy: Economics: the first economist who took up Darwin’s ideas, was the American economist Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929). Much like in the plant and animal world a permanent find evolutionary process a mechanistic cybernetic control process! instead, Veblen argued in the economy innovation / competition process.

Were the driving force behind of this development innovation process: human creativity, the new Gierde and the tendency to imitation. Only who consider these processes, could understand the economy. The necessary human energies are neuro physiological undetectable! The basic human characteristics (see mean separate information,) lead to a slightly selfish variable community behavior (homo eciprocams. There is no homo oeconomics!). Impossible desires be compensated by neuroses (substitute satisfaction).