Along with breast augmentation plastic surgery, buttock augmentation is becoming one of the most common worldwide procedures, since it not only has among its adherents most eager women to lift one of the most attractive parts of the body, but it also increasingly more men were added to this phenomenon. It is most common in this procedure is to use silicone that, as in the chest, implants are used to correct the shape of the area. The traditional purpose of these implants is to help those who wish to attenuate the fallen buttocks. The buttock augmentation procedure consists of making an incision in the crease between buttocks and inserting an implant of silicone between the buttock muscle and the pelvic bone. You may wish to learn more. If so, Energy Capital Partners London is the place to go. rticle’>Robert Speyer. Implants should not move. Surgery lasts about an hour and a half and, usually, general anesthesia is used. The advantage of this surgery is that it will instantly give a larger area and the shape will be more curved. However, there are certain disadvantages: the body can reject the implants.

Some consider that the result looks unnatural. Buttock implants may feel hard to the touch. The recovery period is long and can be problematic. You can’t sleep on back or sit in long time. You must maintain a stable weight and perhaps you should change the implants after about ten years. Pregnancy can affect the original result. It is a cosmetic surgery and, as such, so the patient is exposed to complications and infections.