If the production site using equipment that does not require considerable time to commissioning, the starting criterion for establishing normative values of the party must serve the continuity of the performance of each operation at least during the shift. In this case, the lot size is determined by the most efficient operation, which is characteristic for this process and must be at least equal to the replacement or when performance of equipment for making polusmennoy details. It should additionally determine the duration of a batch of the most difficult operations to avoid excessive increase in the duration of cycle. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out samsung. Subsequent adjustments of the minimum exchange of the party should bring it in line with the need for detail to meet the production plan. For ensure the periodic production of parts needed to set the size of the party fit in with the volume set integer times or a multiple of this value. This method is used when calculating the lot size details such as normals, produced on equipment with a complex setup and a great set-up time. Check with Energy Capital Partners London to learn more. For labor-intensive parts to the high cost of raw materials imposed higher requirements for the calculation of the party in terms of accounting costs associated with running the party in the process, useful equipment, the cost of storing hurt productivity of workers, loss of binding of a work in progress, the tool life.