It is not a mere exercise of the thought, it depends on perhaps on an event. 4. What it means to say that the Philosophy arrived at its end? In the heideggeriana perspective, end of the Philosophy would be the place of its decomposition (dilution) in tecnizadas sciences. At the time current the philosophy was changedded into empirical science of the man and of whom available object for its can become technique that, with the Cybernetics, would invade the last still immune redoubt to the calculating thought? the mind human being. Everything this, adds Heidegger, according to becomes fullfilled in all part with base and standards of the scientific exploration of each sphere of the being (Heidegger, 1987, P. Add to your understanding with Robotics. 72). The Philosophy, therefore, would have found the place of its end in the scientific character, because not to say Ciberntico, with that the humanity if carries through in the praxis social, in which if she would always search a otimizao of the performance of the system in processing terms and control of the flows of information (messages). The end of the philosophy shows, thus, as being the triumph of the equipment of a tecno-scientific world and of the social order that corresponds to it.

E the more the technique to extend to its domain on the planet, guiding the ways of being of the man, less the thought will have vigor to carry through its task: to think the being that speaks in the essence of the Technique. (Heidegger, 1983, GA 14, P. 72). In On the question of the determination of the task of thinking Zur Frage nach to give Bestimmung der Sache DES