Basically, the Cyber-Knife "has been used successfully to treat relatively benign tumors of the head and neck sizes up to 3 cm, remove them entirely (at large size, the result – worse). Inability to treat certain types of malignant tumors. Restricting the size of the tumor (maximum field, which can irradiate the Cyber Knife – 6 x 6 cm). Low bandwidth points (an average of 2-3 patients a day). Sufficiently high cost of treatment (compared with conventional radiotherapy). "Cyber Knife" in Numbers According to the American manufacturing company "Cyber Knife Accurasy, in the world in June 2009, more than 70,000 patients have been treated "The cyber-knife. Half of them they were treated for tumors with localized head and neck. " The largest tumor removed by a "Cyber Knife", was a tumor volume of 1 liter.

The smallest – a tumor measuring 1 cm 80% of tumors, disinfected with a "Cyber Knife" is in the range 1-5 cm Number of U.S. patients with lung cancer who received radiosurgery treatment with the "Cyber Knife", has increased by 52%. In the world as these patients were more by 43%. A total of 176 installations world work "Cyber Knife" Where are treated "Cyber Knife" and how much it costs now, "Cyber Knife" was quite widespread (see "Where in the world is a" Cyber Knife "). Approximate cost treatment: * In Turkey – 16,5 thousand euros. * In Germany – 20 thousand euro. * In the usa – 35 thousand dollars. * In Ukraine – 15 thousand dollars.

Must take into account the fact that many of the centers "Cyber Knife" are specialized, that is carried out treatment of tumors mostly one to three locations, for example, only the brain, spinal cord and spine or only the lungs and liver, etc. In some centers, the Cyber-knife "is not being treated children. Conclusion System stereotactic surgery "Cyber Knife" has considerably expanded the range of possibilities of modern oncologists and radiologists. With this technology has been successfully cured many benign space-occupying lesions in brain and spinal cord and restore function of the nervous system. "Cyber Knife" gave new hope to patients with advanced and inoperable malignant tumor (with hard-to-for surgical operations localization adjacent to critical organs and centers, with multiple metastases). "Cyber Knife" prolongs the life of many patients, while maintaining decent quality. In the world of oncology today tendency to intensify research and practical use of radiation and chemo therapy. In the xxi century is the rapid development of technology of radiation therapy clinics and facilities of modern radiotherapy equipment. The presence of such equipment as "Cyber Knife" testifies to the high scientific-technical and clinical potential of the facility.