For those who are regular readers of financial security, I’ve commented them as very-nearly fell into bankruptcy; they have also played as I could rise from the ashes thanks to a financial plan achieved thanks to hours of reading books, attending seminars, gathering me with people skilled in the art and following people who I admire financially in radio, tv and press. Well, the other day a friend asked me, but apart from your salary as an employee, how are getting extra income? Carlos Javier, here is the answer. Selling things that I do not use: I have been able to leave several things. The other day I sold a Chair for baby for truck for $100. I’ve also sold many of the things that the morochos were used when you drink.

I have a collection of 10 ties from my previous job, and are for sale on eBay ($200); I have a few safety boots that never left me ($ 50); the list grows every time that I am aware of things that I don’t need. As the old adage says that some botan others they treasure. Passive income: I get these through Amazon. They allow one to have affiliations to products and services from them and pay Commission. So far I have only made $ 108 with them between January-June, but think you can reach to become a significant source of income.

The great advantage of these revenue sources is that they are passive: means they can make me win money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with anyone in the world. It’s exciting to know that you have something that generates money when you’re sleeping! There are 2 modes: a. drop-down notices on your web page. This notice can be found in my pages and with them, when a person purchases a product, the Commission that Amazon pays me to me is of 4%.