Why a dark roast is not always better trading in coffee is the second largest market in the world and is surpassed only by the trade in oil in volume. Coffee is a big business and the coffee production of a global company. Not all coffee beans are of high quality. Only about 10% of the world coffee production is of excellent quality. The remaining 90% hovering somewhere between average and bad. The reason for this lies in the coffee production. The best coffee comes only from the best wine regions.

From commercial interests and to answer the growing demand, cultivated much coffee in less suitable conditions. Commercially-oriented coffee production produces inferior quality coffee. How to sell these inferior qualities? Quite simply, to make people know that dark roast coffee is better. This is however not true. On the contrary, dark roasted coffee is often of poorer quality.

Dark roast coffee is roasted at a higher temperature and longer. This type Coffee production ensures that the mostly flavors in the coffee beans, both the good and the bad, when roasting the edge of the verb be. Dark roasted coffee, consumers can hardly judge the quality. Finally, almost all the flavors are charred. The dark roasting gives a smoky taste is often confused with the real aroma of coffee coffee. It is like cooking. If you burn your meat you can subsequently no longer judge by what quality it was. So I will not say of course that any dark roasting of poor quality is. There are enough dark-roasted coffee of excellent quality. You have just realized that dark not automatically good means. Another minus point is the coffee production in mass processing. Coffee beans are roasted in large, automatically functioning machines. Not all beans are created equal. Some take longer, others are ready faster. With an average duration of roasting are not all Perfectly roasted beans. A better kind of coffee production is the micro-roast. Here the coffee beans are not automatically roasted by default for a certain time from a machine, but under the supervision of a roast master exactly as long as it is necessary. The next time you buy a coffee you should remember. Take not the darkest beans. Opt for something lighter beans. Remember the roasting, lighter, have more confidence the dealers in his goods. Manfred schillings