Recently in our country there is a severe shortage of qualified personnel. Note, that qualified – lack of staff at all. Therefore, many companies are very serious about recruiting personnel, using the most modern methods (to make sure that employ the most suitable candidate), for example ASSESSMENT center. In world practice, this tool has been used for nearly 50 years, but in Russia application ASSESSMENT centers began several years ago. ASSESSMENT Centre (assessment center) is nothing more than a collection of various exercises on the results of which can accurately estimate suitability of candidates for specific job. Typically, an invitation to a candidate for the ASSESSMENT center comes after an interview with a representative of the employer. At the interview you as a candidate can only to declare their business skills: leadership, teamwork skills, ability to defend their point of view and interests of the company – the interview is only words and nothing more. Additional information at search supports this article.

ASSESSMENT center allows employer to verify in practice the quality of your business. The structure of classical ASSESSMENT Center includes the following components: – A set of different tests, ranging from personal and ending obschelogicheskimi tests. – Self-presentation party for experts and other candidates. – Individual analysis of various situations (case-study). This is usually written exercises aimed at identifying how to identify and analyze information. – Business Games focused on team work in groups of 3 – 5 people. – Self-assessment at the end ASSESSMENT center.

– An interview with an expert on professional matters. Each company creates its own set of components and the sequence ASSESSMENT centers depending on their needs, as well as time and financial resources. All stages of the ASSESSMENT center is supervised by specially invited observers – this can be both psychological and Your future direct superior. Observers closely following interpersonal skills: – Ability to find common language with different group members. – The ability to persuade. – The ability to defend their point of view. – Ability to become and remain the leader of the group. – Ability to listen to someone else's opinion. – The ability to express their ideas. – The ability to express the general opinion of the group. – Working with no problems