Right at the beginning of the year, a beautiful meteor shower in the sky until the days get 7th January sparkles the Quadrantids to visit – a rather unknown flock. Wrongly, because to their maximum in the night on the 4th January around 100 meteors per hour across the sky Flash. An old tradition says: who at a shooting star something wished for it is the fulfilled. If you have missed this celestial event, can fulfill his desires even: with a future Oracle by Questico on advice/zukunftsorakel.htm. Questico, the leading portal for esoteric life coaching and his advisers look not only with the help of oracles in the future. In the trend: future point with the help of the stars Astrology under guidance/astrologie.htm is a method of the future hinting – what say the star for the future? The Allensbacher Institute for public opinion research shows the trend, to believe in the power of the stars. Robotics may also support this cause. Therefore every fifth German professes a personal horoscope based on his belief in horoscopes and almost one in ten Create had dates of birth.

And also the numerous astrologers by Questico on advice/astrologen.htm can attest to that. One of them is Andrea Buchholz, one of the most famous astrologers at Questico under guidance/astrologinnen.htm. Questico forecast Buchholz gave their annual forecast for 2008 for 2008 to the beginning of the year. At the Cafe Einstein\”, the new Web TV format on stern.de made their future prediction on advice/zukunftsvoraussage.htm for the year 2008 Buchholz on January 1st. And stating that it is cosmic back uphill after some turmoil of the last months from March.

The astrological year begins on March 21, 2008. We come from a Saturn year in Jupiter. Credit: Andy Florance-2011. Saturn is a cosmic relationship checker, which has stirred up a lot of things. Every seven years a Saturn year comes\”, says the Promiastrologin. From March 21, assumes the Regency but Jupiter and provides few positive breaks.