Affiliate market in Turkey has great potential for / E-commerce is booming / financially strong investors at / de involved Munich/Istanbul, September 5, 2011 – German technology and Turkish roots are the best prerequisites to build an affiliate network in Turkey. With this tools and the prospect of a growth market, the affiliate experts Cihangir Acilan (34) and Yadav Abbas (29) have the independent affiliate network adtriplex Ltd. STI. based in Istanbul. They are supported by financially strong investors. The technology of adtriplex was 2010 developed in-house and as non-public network thoroughly checked already for a year in Germany. There was a linguistic adaptation for the launch in Turkey now. At the start is the Turkish affiliate network with 50 million ad impressions per month.

Concrete discussions with other publishers and advertisers are already. Special interest is made up with their products the Turkish German companies, Want to conquer the market. The diploma in business administration Acilan, which was independently emiyon stations at affilinet and Webgains with the performance marketing agency, is responsible for adtriplex for marketing and sales. The native Turk and Diplom-Informatiker Abbas maintained the account management and is responsible for business development. He previously worked as an affiliate partner Manager and Project Manager dialog marketing with arvato online services GmbH, the operator of webmiles bonus programme.

“We understand all sides of the affiliate business and know the needs of advertisers, publishers, agencies, and network operators from our own experience,” explains Acilan. The Turkish market has extreme backlog, know Acilan, because all conditions for affiliate marketing: “the E-commerce is booming, 44 million Turks have credit cards and is available as a functioning logistics structure.” Currently, there are only two Turkish affiliate networks that use not own affiliate software. In addition to both Gelirortaklari as also MaxGelir by agencies operated, and can therefore not act independently on the market such as adtriplex. “We don’t think such as an agency, but act as a pure affiliate network”, shows Abbas. Current market figures show that the Internet in Turkey will become an important sales market. 35 million Turks are online. From 2009 to 2010, the volume of sales in E-Commerce from 5.1 to 7.6 billion euro has grown. Up to 2012 should flow according to estimates by ZenithOptimedia already nine percent of advertise Espen thing on the Internet (equivalent to US$ 243 million). In the affiliate market, a market potential is expected 2012 of $ 24 million. Also the market entry of advertising underscored this network zanox, which opened an Office in Istanbul at the end of May. Description of the company adtriplex was founded in 2011 and the new agent-urunabhaengige affiliate network in Turkey. It offers a range of strong partner network in a prosperous market and a mature, German international and Turkish companies Technology. The team consists of affiliate experts of Turkish origin, who can understand the Turkish market and advise companies individually.