ABAS Software partners from around the world come to the networking in Istanbul Karlsruhe, 12.07.2011 – Managing Director, directors and ERP consultants of the ABAS Software AG and the abas software partners met late June in Istanbul, to bring forward the Group’s global network. The personal contact and the communication of among the partners are crucial to the success of cross-national ERP projects. The combination of internationally usable software, uniform implementation methodology and global network of partners, as it offers the abas group, are unique to the middle class. The success confirms this in many countries and cross-premises ERP projects. Current product highlights of the software, such as the portal integration of business intelligence or mobile operation of the ERP system, were presented at the meeting on the Bosphorus. Personal contact nothing can replace “Although we of course have modern technologies and tools for video conferences, personal contact at the Exchange is us by” Ideas and experiences is very important,”says Peter Forscht, COO of the ABAS Software AG. “A handshake can be not emailed simply and you can not fax a smile.

I am therefore always eager, to see our abas software partners at the global partners meeting.” The meetings are every four months at different locations instead of (for example CeBIT or abas network partners in Spain, Hungary, Turkey, etc.). ABAS-Business-Suite 2011 global economic life is becoming increasingly complex. The requirements for ERP systems rise. The software should be easy to maintain and provide enough flexibility a company, promptly in the software to be able to make changes, without losing the release ability. In the further development of the abas business software, the ABAS Software AG focuses on the requirements of users and partners from around the world. The result is not only a State of the art ERP system “made in Germany”, but a complete package that optionally a strain gauge and Includes business intelligence integration.