Vertically impaired males of the forest I would like to report on today facts about dwarves. And I mean not about short men, such as Prince or Tom Cruise and garden gnomes blighting also no front gardens. No, I’m talking about the little clever gnomes out of the forest. Although, you may call which still dwarf or gnome? Troll or Brownie? Or would be vertically impaired also in this case politically correct? Or vertical requested out? But, in any case, dwarfs are not large, but hefty, human-like creatures which should be otherwise, on the outside, rather unattractive. Unless you like long noses, beards and pointed caps? But how does it but so beautiful? Only the inside that counts! And allegedly dwarfs have a lot. For example, should it be very wise and romantic, can look very far in the dark and they are told after a certain resistance to magic. However, they are also somewhat Curt (no wonder at) the size) and grouchy.

The most appreciated but, is their undisputed craftsmanship. Through her interest in beautiful earrings and their eternal hunt for precious metals, they have become very efficient smithing. Well, what else is there to tell? Dwarves live like in caves at the foot of mountains, or even behind the same, often seven the number one thing makes me wonder, is the lack of similarly small, but female dwarves. How propagate them? After all, their culture was already thousands of years ago. And they live in all the world’s mountains. The only I know dwarf is Ajit Finchen, but as the name suggests, seems to be a genre in itself. Female GNOME not permitted to leave the cave, to attract any attention in the male gender? Are they green and just better camouflaged in the forest? Maybe it does not recognize the ladies only, behind the beards and the pointy hats… SID Kroker