Both in winter and in summer is recommended skin care since climatic extremes leave their effects. In summer it is necessary to care for the Sun with sunscreen since photoaging occurs as a result. Learn more at this site: Ian Cole. In winter, due to the cold skin dries, it sheds and tends to become more rigid and become dehydrated more easily.In winter, it is opportune to invest in some moisturizers for the daily body and hands both face application. How to choose a cream for every type of skin? For dry skin: the use of creams containing vitamin E, Allantoin and vitamin A is recommended for this type of skins help keep nourished and hydrated and give specific vitamins to give more elasticity and luminosity to the skin dry, which is that the daily application of creams is more necessary to prevent the flaking and premature wrinkles. The use of cream is recommended all year round.

Oily skin: in winter is only recommended the application of moisturizers smooth and lightweight which maintain hydration, since they are prone to acne. Ideally clean, toning it and then moisturize it with specific products for oily skin. With green tea or aloe vera creams are very beneficial to normalize it since many times it is mixed. Mature skin: there is a wide range of cosmetic products available for this type of skin. Creams with retinol, calcium, collagen, hyaluronic acid and anti-aging creams are those indicated in this case in particular, since these components not only moisturized maintained but that they also help to regenerate tissues and to smooth out wrinkles. In all cases a query to the cosmetologist or dermatologist skin assessment help to come up with products listed and more suitable for your skin type.