New specialist for the independent real estate sales power sense, even the own property to sell? This question is asked more and more frequently. Alpha, quantum responds with a clear yes. The advantages are obvious: expensive brokerage costs and commissions can be saved. The sinking feeling, to hire a real estate agent, avoided. The opportunity to sell your property as there may be an outsider, as well as many other benefits, talk faster for private real estate sale. Since the sale of real estate is a complex matter, the individual must be of sufficient basic knowledge however, and receive constant and professional support. These are the first lines on the corporate website of Alpha to be read quantum, and already draw attention to the corporate goal: individuals successfully doing to help to sell your House or condo to a high price to make great savings, and to take the risk, to get to a rogue agent, out of the way. Alpha is quantum an is hosted in the German financial capital Frankfurt, young and emerging companies in the real estate industry. Specializing in the private real estate sale, it offers an in-house consulting package, which includes all that is required for the independent real estate sales. Contact: Alpha quantum E.