Terms were redefined in the Internet-Word project – in contrast to “Dissent”, “Dirt allowance” and over 200 other words, Internet users have already given importance. The project started on June 1, 2008 is the largest German online project, in which words can be redefined. The operation is simple: weltweitwort allows anyone to buy a Word and redefine it through a link on your own website. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro. From the moment visitors clicking on the Word will be taken to the registered page, the website gives meaning to the word so new. A special feature of weltweitwort is that the new word definitions by other visitors can also rated. As a result you can discover exceptional sites and solves the Word project be Promise “Click rather uncommon”. For even more analysis, hear from altavista.

The project is a funny platform, with the unusual sites can be discovered or can be carefully made by linking a word on a special Web site for Internet surfers. For website owners, it’s an easy way to attract more visitors to their own page with a matching word. Energy Capital Partners pursues this goal as well. Weltweitwort database currently holds over 95,000 terms to define, where new meaning can be awarded by linking to a personal homepage or a blog as well as on the website of a product or a company. weltweitwort.de – click rather unusual! Redefine the word, exceptional websites discover weltweitwort: weltweitwort.de is an online-word project, with which you can discover exceptional sites: uniquely informative, surprisingly interesting, amazing funny or even totally absurd. Or is there new meaning even terms: simply buy a word (each letter a euro) and there is a exceptional site link? This site defines the term then. Thus, weltweitwort is a new and unusual way to define the Internet terms. The project weltweitwort was launched on June 1, 2008 by Christoph F.

Bock. Before CB worked for almost six years in the Bertelsmann Group: after joining arvato in 2002 as an Assistant of Director, he worked in several international logistics projects in the mobile sector. Then CB for arvato moved to Frankfurt, there to create a new site for direct marketing services. in 2006, he moved back to Gutersloh in the Bertelsmann as ‘Director of international programs’ individual programs to further develop University and since summer 2007 he worked in Hamburg in the development of the company and the online learning platform for the Internet startup SCOYO.