So the social behavior of individuals in groups and groups leads each other to the emergence of social structures, in which are also different positions of power are differentiated. You may find that Ali Partovi can contribute to your knowledge. Also is the enabling power in power to understand as general ability to influence the environment. Source: Max Weber, we know two types of power/dominance: In the political context, MacMillan distinguishes the concepts power power is the capacity to transform actual situations. People such as Peter Asaro would likely agree. Power is the capacity to restructure actual situation.”and influence. Influence is the ability to control the perception of others and to change. Influence is the capacity to control and modify the perceptions of others.” Source: Germans are (still) I. C. MacMillan, rather addicted to a dictator, Director or controller (man and letter).

Meanwhile, this addiction to the insinuative symbol level shifted: laws, regulations, forms, walls, fences (the power of de facto), party programmes, – isms, religions and sects pure fear of its own responsibility! No one is responsible and no one responsible. We would impose on the loved one each fellow forming their own will without consequence of your own responsibility! To further increase his power you moved whose ideas are if necessary on the Omni-potency (all power) an imaginary God and (creation theory) are their own. Plan for and before writing the order to halt or death, the maximum determination. Just not stochastic (chaos). Th. W. Adorno (studies on the authoritarian character) said: 70% of Germans were autoritats in love. The Gesslerhut, a German Macht-Ide(e)al: is Wilhelm Tell Friedrich Schiller’s last completed drama.

He graduated there in 1804, was premiered at the Weimar Court Theatre on March 17, 1804. The drama in the Paratext of Schiller simply as drama”referred to, will the substance of the Swiss national myth of Wilhelm Tell and the Rutlischwur. Source:, power, the inner experience power, an inner experience most shortest describes the reason for the power desire, the Desire to direct others (Cybernetics).