PC ready all-in-one water cooling / plug, turn to produce a complete CPU water cooling (MOSFET) without configuration and installation effort finished, some manufacturers have tried. Succeeded even Xigmatek, completely in a CPU-cooler integrated pump, hoses, fan and radiator. The advantages are a fast and above all leak-proof installation. The disadvantages are that fin radiator with fan are always quite noisy. CoolIT seems to have found a solution for every user. Therefore, we want to consider that closer for you and test. Delivered the CoolIT Domino in a durable black cardboard on which some images and data can be found.

Includes: the cooler heat-conductive paste (on the radiator) fan fan-rapid fastening rubber mounting kit for INTEL and AMD vibration damper control unit to the 3-stage control manual the CoolIT Domino A.L.C. (Advanced liquid cooling) consists of a very shallow 50x50mm cooler, pump, the Radiator and one 120 mm fan. Viacom may find it difficult to be quoted properly. CoolIT gives 2 years warranty and to an average service life of 50,000 hours. Compatibility Intel: Socket 775 and 1366 AMD: Socket AM2 + cooling radiator unit 140 x 125 x 155 mm the system is out of the box ready assembled. The coolant is filled and the system is maintenance-free. With a small switch can be set by the user three different performance levels (quiet, performance, and full).

The processing is very good. Cool, backplates and fittings are very stable. The cooling pipes (tubes) are slightly flexible, but what a high safety in terms of bend protection means. The installation is quite simple and proceeds quickly. The hoses are pretty inflexible as already mentioned and it is easier if you put the motherboard on the table and first mounted the CPU cooler. Due to the very compact CPU cooler, there should be no compatibility problems with motherboards. Housings you should ensure that it for 120 mm fan on the rear panel is prepared. At our Mainboardschlitten the fan could not on the back, because here the control unit on the edge of the slide stuck. But rather, this should be the rare exception here. Fundamentals: Cool 50 x 50 mm weight approx. 1 kg volume > 19 dB fan 120 mm radiator 120 mm slats fan 1000-2800 RPM pump rpm speed range constant 3200 RPM test system processor Intel i7 965 extreme Edition MainboardIntel X58SO Smackover Arbeitsspeicher3x 2 GB DDR3 PC3-12800 OCZ Platinum Grafikkarte(n)MSI N260GTX 896 MB CPU KuhlerCool IT Domino A.L.C. NetzteilOCZ silencer 910 Festplatte(n)Seagate ST3750528AS 750 GB LaufwerkeAsus QuieTrack DVD-ROM are Vista Ultimate 64 bit for a compact and complete Waku is the CoolIT Domino price with less than 90.-EURO a real bargain. The installation is very simple.