– She is necessary to know to hear and to understand the message that if hides for backwards of the behavior with indiscipline. – We like to attend these lessons that we are giving? – We are organizing the speech and hearing of our pupils – we are favoring the participation? – We are promoting space for the construction of the knowledge? Or we are only transmitting of passive form? – That pedagogical line would be more interesting? – That professional of the education we want to be? – That society we want and as it will contribute for this society? – That human being if it desires in the world? PROPOSALS FOR IMPROVEMENTS 1? LESSON OPERATORIA – Problematizadora lesson? challenger – fidget inconformismo? better behavior. ; – Expositiva Lesson? content ' ' mastigadinho' ' , it does not arrest attention of the pupil and this is a great challenge of the professors? to problemalizar the lesson. This needs to move of position: – to control the vice to give ready answers – to know each time more the content to graduate the problematizaes, in order to involve all the pupils in the process of construction of the knowledge. 2? AFFECTIVITY Is basic and primordial for the success of the lessons. To have affectivity for the pupils, the content, the profession and mainly for we ourselves. In case that I oppose, we can be optimum strategist of lessons, the biggest expert of Piaget, Vygotsky, Walton and exactly thus we will not reach our objective to contribute for the education of the pupils.

3? COLLECTIVE CONSTRUCTION OF RULES In such a way is more difficult to breach a commitment that they themselves had assumed. Click Steven Johnson to learn more. The pupils are the citizens to who the actions if they destine. Because not to take part in the decisions involve that them. To form together rules, to search norms that satisfy the collective one and that they contemplate the relation professor-pupil does not mean to open hand of authority, means to open hand of the authoritarianism. Paraphrasing Pablo Freire ' ' Nobody disciplines nobody. Nobody is disciplined alone. The men if discipline in communion, mediated