Building your own home – is a complex process, which should start not from the order of the project, and with the choice of material to be used in it. Today more and more companies offer laminated veneer lumber under the – unique technology of wood construction. Log houses are built turnkey little more than thirty years, and yet, during this time they are seriously pressed not only the traditional wooden construction, but also a serious competitor to concrete and brick. What advantages does the construction of laminated veneer lumber under the key? The fact that the laminated board has several properties that make it possible to build a turnkey home very quickly, and serve them in doing so will be more than a dozen years. In other words, the laminated board combines the traditional properties of wood with the latest construction technology.

Glued laminated timber is profiled in the factory so a way that during the construction of walls not formed any gaps, and thus is not required and additional warming. Therefore, the laminated veneer lumber under the key is going much faster than, for example, log house. In addition, laminated veneer lumber Turnkey requires neither external nor internal finishes, this stuff looks great without it. Finally, the laminated veneer lumber does not shrink, and hence, the house is turnkey ready for use immediately after completion of construction, and can be do not be afraid that a year later the windows and door upright. As such results are achieved? All a matter of special technology. Glued laminated timber made up of several separate boards, which are connected by a durable glue. Each of them is pre-processing, during which are cut and removed all the defects and irregularities. Gluing planks fit so that the wood fibers have been directed in different directions, making laminated board receives additional strength. The very glue that is used in the production of environmentally clean, so the house of laminated veneer lumber turnkey retains all the properties of wood. With regard to fire, a special processing technology that makes laminated veneer lumber resistant to fire.