Companies hire computer support services because they work with many data and information, and that requires constant attendance in many cases work to make everything work properly and errors can be prevented. But also, depending on the type of contract, or service that we believe necessary for the company, can be a type of computer assistance or another. A basic computer support service covers the following points: operating systems: computer support company will be responsible for analyzing the current operating systems that the company is in and things that need to be improved. Keep up-to-date operating systems through cleaning and prevention services is one of the basic tasks of an it support contract. Software Troubleshooting: all updates, drivers and issues related to the software shall be managed by the company contracted for the computer support. Data recovery: the majority of support services includes a section in the service of data recovery. If they have been deleted or changed location, support service covers you data recovery service.

Computer technical advice: is also another service which covers a basic computer support contract. Advice and tips for the optimization of the company’s resources. These are the most important points that encompasses a basic computer support service. In addition, depending on the needs of the company, or individual, you can personalize your attendance to your measurement. Original author and source of the article.