The Three Steps: Cybernetic Transposition method is rather simple: It consists of three steps, then I will list and explain in detail to you. Step One: Create an object that defines what you want and that is clearly understood by all aspects of your unconscious mind. Remember the saying: "If we do not know where we're going, any road will take us there." One of the major reasons why people do not get what they want is simply because they do not know what quieren.En this first step must clearly identify what we want. As mentioned earlier, the choice, we relate to life from an unconscious level, to get in control, living consciously. It is only when we begin to live consciously when we can harmonize our internal relationships and developing our external relations externas.Al consciously and harmoniously, we understand what really is the art of living. Our relationship with money also harmonises it to live consciously, not we allow our unconscious programming they take control of our actions and resultados.Al refine our internal relationships, we discover that we are a composite of genetic and acquired characteristics that influence and modify continuously, and when faced with the circumstances, generate actions feelings and thoughts often contradictorios.Una time we have taken the decision to live consciously, and therefore quremos chose what they actually achieve, then we must harmonize all parts of our brain. Only then can we move to the next paso.Segundo Step: Prioritize your Target – Your goal should take priority in its unconscious, so that you can continue your normal activities, while your unconscious work to achieve what you consciously quiere.En other words, We must prioritize what we really want, but this prioritization must be made at inconsciente.Si you try to keep your concentration fixed on some object, you will not spend a few seconds before you arrive distractions. And where did these distractions? Precisely the unconscious.

Therefore, to actually focus on something we want, we must ensure that it is our unconscious mind that keep enfoque.Tercer step: Solve all your self unconscious habits can sabotage your Objetivo.En impedirlealcanzar a previous article we mentioned the locks: those thoughts to cancel our most precious metas.Sus unconscious habits govern what you normally do in a situation. The most efficient way to live is to do many things automatically a "except, of course, when those automatic habits stand in our way. In other words, most people have unconscious mechanisms that sabotage their desire dealcanzar their goals. When these mechanisms dissipate, will be free to achieve what desea.Estos three steps up the simple process of realizing our objectives using the TC.El Dr. Stuart A. Lichtman, creator of the powerful Cybernetic Transposition method has put in writing all the details to learn the complete system in his book: "Getting a lot of money for anything you want – Rapidamente!" his audio seminars and special bonuses that accompany the book written principal.