Transformers 3 Third Transformers Autobots and Decepticons go in the past (1982). Initially Megatron Starscream kill, and then he manages to steal the Great spark from the Hoover Dam. Optimus nothing to do but resurrect Megatron and join forces against Starskrima.V time in 201 (?), the year Sam (Shia LBeouf) is going to make an offer to Mikaela (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) (here, hitch, new girlfriend will be called here as turned on the script is still unknown). From the past comes a message that attempts to change the history of the evil Decepticon led to … then unintelligible, and explosions.

Discussed and malevolent Decepticons Shokvee seized power on Cybertron while the remaining transformers were fighting on the ground. But this is a superficial script, versions of which are already quite a lot, but the fact that the film will take place in the past and the whole plot is built around Space arms race the United States and the Soviet Union takes place. What to expect from Transformers 3 In the first new robots (in one of the Autobots trikvela will be transformed from a Ferrari 458 Italia), more effects, better detail and lo and behold: director trilogy all still persuaded to shoot in 3D. And of course the amazing music from the band Linkin Park and Steve Jablonsky Released film film will be released in 2011. According to forecasts premiere will be held on July 1. Transformers Megan Fox without conflict with the director forced Megan Fox to leave the project. At the moment, the main female role already adopted Rosie Huntington Uaytli.Tak also reported that it would not be the role of Michael, and Sam will another love interest. as well as … The final point of the trilogy, Transformers 3 More on Transformers 3: Photos and videos from the set! The first official trailer! Interesting facts about the making of the film!