Is not so strong in one day and creates instead of 10 WH only 8 WH, you should also here everything possible trying to create so many WH as possible. Eventually more than 13 WH are possible, increase the weight. But caution! more weight not just means that it has trained harder. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mikkel Svane. If it forces more weight due to improper technique, it has achieved nothing. It may even be that you would have used better technology with less weight but a larger stimulus.

As I said, every sentence should lead to muscle failure. So to reach the activation of as many muscle fibres and stimulates it to growth. I personally get the most success by sinking the repetitions and increase the weight. So you can be sure that each record leads to muscle failure. Example: 1st movement: warm up set with 15-20 WH.

2nd mvt: working set with 12 WH and 100 kg 3. set: working set with 10 WH. and 110 kg 4 set: working set with 8 WH. and 120 kg 5 set: working set with 6 WH and 130 kg, or equal weight We should set up these repetitions. If you no longer creates a number it is not so bad, as long as it ends with a muscular failure. With this system you can make the muscles warm up and still high weights. Constant repetition, such as for example 4 sets x I absolutely advise 10 WH, because here you subconsciously save the power to create his 10 in the final set WH. Man makes then 3 sets loose 10 WH without irritating the muscle and creates a small stimulus may then only in the fourth movement. Generally you can say that 2-3 working sets for small and 3-4 are sufficient rates for large muscle groups. 1-2 warm-up sets with less weight here not counting. You should not perform more sets to avoid the risk of overtraining. Also 3 or 4 work sets sufficient completely to stimulate all muscle fibers of a muscle group. Certain training methods, E.g. after the H.I.T.-even a single sentence can range system, to force a growth stimulus, but this is provided much experience and a training partner. The exercises should always be added and controlled. So focus is always on the right muscle and prevents momentum to pick up, feather, fake out, etc. There is more, slow and controlled moving less weight, as if you somehow tagged chokes a high weight”. Here, less is more. Bad examples are for example if you feather the barbell at the bench press from chest, at the Armcurl swing get etc. The exercises should take whatever the whole muscle or over the entire stretch. So, every fiber of the muscle is stimulated. Forge off should be avoided where possible. However, there are exceptions. If no clean repetition is more possible, help muscles can be stimulated by faking out to make even a last repetition. So the muscle is powered really completely. Absolutely avoid should spoofing off but complicated exercises such as Deadlifts, squats, good mornings, bent forward rowing, LAT in the Neck, presses back, etc. This can lead to serious injury here! So much for the method of training volume training. In the next article I introduce the method of training H.I.T.. (hight intense training) before. Have fun and success in the training!