New e-book in the: Medienmacherei appeared POHNSDORF/HAMBURG (hh). “We have something against Sarrazin & co.”, says the author Herbert Hofmann, who has published an “analysis of anthropological journals in the period from 1933 to 1945” now on as an e-book. Hanson: “knowledge is a horribly, to quickly expose racist arguments.” What democracy for those who are in the system “inside”, is a fascist dictatorship of capital for those who are “out there”. So it is not a certain logic, that a member of the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, as a high-ranking official of this system, must long spread more or less undisturbed racist theses time. Thilo Sarrazin is stopped now, lets hope – also for a democracy, which is worth its name. The following political struggle required nothing more urgent than factual arguments and clear boundaries against dull and low instincts.

So it’s good to see some historical facts, once again in the eye of his own position to get an update. Pseudoscientific and empiricist arguments already served the Nazis as justification for racism as a State policy. Accompany Herbert Hofmann in his inventory of German-speaking anthropological journals, which can be found from the time of national socialism in the library of the Institute of biology at the University of Hamburg. Using selected examples from the “anthropological Anzeiger”, trace how German anthropologist, but also scientists from other disciplines, more or less adapt the former spirit or characterize him and preparing thus the ground for a racist policy. How they increasingly ideologically align their work and teaching, publishing racist literature and is put at the service of the dictatorship – if they not had distanced themselves from this has revealed. Be witness of the “Gleichschaltung” of the science operations of unique documents and based on historical facts, see what effect this has on the real life. You learn to expose racist arguments and recognize what they are than that: people saw and hostile to life. Analysis of anthropological journals in the period from 1933 to 1945 Herbert Hofmann 2010: Medienmacherei 46 pages, 9 illustrations, format 21.0 x 29.7 cm, in the PDF e-book. Now available in the shop of the shop