Interesting and exciting, she carries them all. A Millions were pleasant, though perfectly logical, “side effect”. What can I change it? Stop it, finally, hopefully, that luck with wealth will fall on you from heaven. Yes, some of our compatriots passion for the freebie – in the blood. They would gladly have ordered a golden fish and a new trough (that is a bath with Jacuzzi), and a new house (that is a villa in ), and everything else. However, not all fairy tales come true. Every second person in which is bad with money, I am sure that he does not have to. The government and the president, ceo and immediate boss – they all just have to think about his welfare. In this circle of perpetrators are constantly expanding. “If five years ago, our department is not reduced, I would have long basked in the luxury” Being a “victim” is very convenient, because when doing so is removed from the responsibility for the Cormorant’s financial position, shifting it to others.

And instead of himself to succeed, wait at sea the weather (not forgetting to curse all in a row). But by and large in life, no one owes nothing to. Except filial, subsidiary and parental duty. With regard to your organization’s business, if you do not care about how to make money for yourself, you do not care about anybody. Psychology of victims – about such a diagnosis would put professionals to man, which is without end his shoulder problems and troubles on others. All of us repeatedly during the life there were “victims” (and not only at work but also in the family and in relationships with friends). Most importantly – do not get stuck in this state for a long time. You can, of course, constantly offended by the whole world, or even a separate group of people, but that it would change? In the best case will attract the attention of his “unhappy” at worst – you will be avoided. Studies show: people instinctively shy away from pessimists. Who needs other people’s problems? Therefore, be quick goodbye to the position of “victim” to become, finally, the master of his business and his life.

If your grievance to life is not without reason (say, you really earn a little money), go to the ‘good employer-uncle. ” After all, if somewhere there is a penny earn money, then there are people willing to work hard for the money. It turns out they themselves so assessed. Prove it, and especially myself, that your qualifications above. But it could prove rather than throw empty accusations. For example, recall the urgent work that you have recently done and done well. Or that you constantly working overtime. Boss remained indifferent to what you say? Look for another opportunity to earn money (eg on the Internet without additional investment), where you will appreciate. Disappointment suffer only those who have nothing but ambition.