Equipment Cost brick factories in the prices of 2010. When dry pressing plant with capacity of 10 million bricks per year: – capital construction costs – 75 million rubles (including including equipment cost 30 million rubles.) – the cost of a brick – 1.1 rubles. – Selling price – 3.5 rubles. – Profit from one brick -2.4 rub. – Annual income 2.4. x 10 million = 24 million rubles. – Payback period – 75 million rubles. : 24 mln. = 3 years in plastic pressing on the European equipment: – capital construction costs – us $ 20 million or 600 million rubles (including equipment cost 300 million rubles.) – the cost of a brick – 5 rubles. – Selling price – 8 rubles. – Profit one brick – 3 rubles. – The annual income of 3 rubles. x 10 million = 30 million rubles. – Payback period – 600 million rubles. : 30 mln. = 20 years. I think everyone understands what to expect 20 years of payback to the plastic extrusion equipment of this madness.

And in case you have credit, then at least you lose and a brick factory and the mortgaged property. We see that the most economically feasible for the present situation is the technology of dry pressing using a furnace with removable vault. This technology is not only low cost equipment and return on investment within 2 years of age, but low (less than 2 rubles) cost to produce bricks. This is achieved by reduce electricity and gas consumption in half compared with conventional plants plastic molding, using not only morally obsolete technology, but also a tunnel furnace, consuming a huge amount gas. The consumption of the ring oven with removable arches of fuel less than 100 kg of fuel a similar tunnel kiln consumes no less than 170kg. Moreover, given the projected growth in energy prices, the profitability brickworks dry pressing using furnaces with removable arches only grow. The basic principle of the institute – the maximum reduction in the cost of construction brick plants and to minimize the cost of bricks in its high quality. In the current situation, we recommend the construction of brick factories with capacity of 15 to 30 million bricks per year. In this case necessarily in two stages, ie, selecting the starting kit 50% of capacity. This allows the construction of 30 million plant to start producing 15 million bricks have not yet graduated from the construction of the entire plant. Construction of a brick factory – is the best opportunity to keep their money in a crisis. Predict what will happen tomorrow with the dollar and the euro is not taken one, and there is no guarantee that they will turn to dust. In this case, you lose everything. Invest in the production of not only maintain but also increase them. Moreover, low prices for building materials, services and only contribute to the start of construction of brick plant is in crisis. 1-1,5 year, when construction of a brick factory will be finished, and the crisis will end and you will be as previously unrestricted market. Those who are not investing in the production end of the crisis waits surely lose.