Tarot friend has a complete section of free tarot to bring visitors to the knowledge of the arcana of the tarot. Sony: the source for more info. The hermit, the number nine of the major arcana card is a card that generates more questions. The hermit or pilgrim is not one of the favorite letters of the consultants. Undoubtedly, everyone will prefer other cards more glamorous, like the world, or the wheel of fortune. But something that we can highlight of tarot, above all for the way in which the chucks on the Tarot friend site, make is they will tell you the truth even if it hurts.

The hermit is a wake up call. It is not a positive nor negative letter. Simply talks about what is most beneficial for us, it shows us a way forward that will help us solve our current situation. The hermit is an invitation to distance ourselves from the world, to make an introspection, frowns our soul. It is necessary to silence the voices of the outside world, those voices that distract us, either sobrevalorandonos, and fooling us, or discrediting us. To listen to the heart of one’s self, it is necessary that the most absolute silence reigns. And thats what the hermit invites us: stop talking about, communicate with others, and start listening to our own inner voice.

In the frontispiece of the Temple of Delphi, cradle of immortal Greek wisdom, where the most eminent philosophers of antiquity, educated could read an inscription, which tried to be Counselor of everything these young minds would study in the future: knowing yourself, that is the most difficult knowledge that can be achieved. And the hermit is precisely a proposal in this regard. The hermit proposes a pilgrimage. And such type of trip is not always pleasant. It requires great maturity, because it is necessary to learn to recognize the own errors, and become righteous in the overall assessment of our lives. This retreat from the world, this journey in solitude can be an ordeal, but the consultant will be favored once you have made the decision of do it. In some circumstances, this pilgrimage requires the appearance of a teacher’s life, someone who guide us with his knowledge and wisdom to learn from our own weaknesses. Know how to choose who will accompany us in this journey is a test in itself same. Consulting free tarot Tarot friend and you will have all the answers you need. Juan Carlos Montillo original author and source of the article