So we define the technology of the self as: “Techniques that allow individuals to make a number of operations on their own bodies, their souls, in their thoughts, behaviors, and this in a way that transforms themselves, to be adjusted in order to achieve a certain state of perfection, or happiness, or purity, or supernatural power “(Foucault 1982). So that this subject’s relationship with himself, the production of subjectivity is centered around four themes: “a a shaft material, the subject’s relationship with his body, how to care for, to make use of pleasure or responding to desires, inclinations, how to respond to the needs and demands of the body. -a a shaft ethical, moral rules that structure the type of work to be done in the interior.

The axis of knowledge or truth that marks the way in which seeks the truth about himself, how to decipher and known. -a a The axis of the structure can be expected that what the subjects expect: immortality, eternity, health, freedom, death, renunciation, recognition. Thus, all the work of Foucault’s thought has been marked by questions such as who we are, how and under what mechanisms have been set in our thoughts, our bodies, rhythms and gestures, in our affections, feelings and sensations? ; under what forms developed our sensitivity? … And, secondly, for this author, the real exercise of power is characterized by its ability to a inducira , to channel behavior in a direction that, far from undermining its reproduction, becomes a condition of this. What is essential is that conditioning of a given framework of possibilities of action.