With the intention to provide the most effective recovery of the patient, the nurse in its daily work pledges it the maximum in this process of recovery, therefore these patients meet at the fragilizado moment, depending most of the time integrally on the nursing team. Thus the nurse inside assumes role of prominence of the team, therefore it is responsible for the o the work of its team, therefore he possesss greater knowledge I specify in relation its team, being of its professional ability to give to cares right-handers to the patients with serious state. Thus on the basis of the analyses, the present study demonstrated that focus of the assistance of the nurses is the patient, this in turn is attended of possible humanizada form more, searching to satisfy its necessities human beings. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. Thus taking care of the premises of the theoretical referencial of this study, the humanistic theory, therefore the nurse has a holistic vision of the seriously ill patient, looking for to identify its more minute necessities. I finish to it of this work, I leave in exception my great satisfaction in elapsing on this subject, therefore they had surpassed my expectations, to know the perception of professionals with a considerable time of professional experience, without a doubt to serve he will go me as example not only for my professional life, but for that they will have access to this article. .