At one time, manufacturing technology and installing French stretch ceiling has evolved very slowly. In the early development of this idea, in the 60's of last century, this method of registration of premises used in Europe very infrequently. But after a couple of decades, a new original and stylish design of suspended ceilings on the Right won a leading position in engineering design ceilings, and today it remains an indispensable element of modern and comfortable apartments in Europe. France – a country of great creation. This state has always been an innovator, but to create something new and set the fashion for all the whole world – its main task. France gave us not only the genius of art and architectural masterpieces, but also high suspended ceilings. People from ancient times to decorate their home and already have an idea about the interior. Luxury Column propped up ceilings, frescoes decorate the walls and carpets and curtains have completed the interior design of houses.

Not remain without attention and ceiling, the color of harmony with the color of the walls of the room. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. Even in ancient Greece, the ceiling was decorated with silk. It was during this time had the idea of a suspended ceilings. Additional function of the ceiling was that the ceiling under the blanket to stay clean from dust. And as soon as the canvas polluted – it replaced a new one.

There were several ways of making paintings. In Egypt, used wet linen, which, after natural drying suction. In other states, we used cotton soaked in a solution of chalk. Main drawback of this ceiling was that over time the chalk was showered, and the fabric had to withdraw. Gradually, the use of suspended ceilings have been forgotten and only at the end of the century HHgo were remembered in Western Europe. Special interest suspended ceilings have caused the French, who brought the production of suspended ceilings to perfection. It is therefore considered that the "revival" of stretch ceilings occurred in France.