The stolen material includes sensitive information about the future fortress of the BND that would leave it vulnerable both to cyberattacks as conventional. The case has raised a stir in Germany by the controversial cost of the construction of the headquarters: 1.5 billion euros. The German secret services (BND) have allegedly been a mysterious theft of the plans of its new high-security headquarters, including emergency exits and anti-theft devices, according to matching information from the weekly magazines Focus and Der Spiegel. According to those weeklies, the confidential material that may have ended up in foreign hands included sensitive information about the theoretical fortin of 260,000 square meters to 4,000 employees in the Department is moving. This would make the new Berlin headquarters of the secret services vulnerable both to cyberattacks as conventional, other German media aim. Controversial by the cost of the BND headquarters (one of the three departments of the German espionage, along with the military and the interior) you plan move from its current headquarters in Pullach (South of the country), to Berlin in 2014, what between the construction of the building and other expenses of the move will entail a cost of 1.5 billion euros. The alleged theft of the plans of the building jumped to light last week, also by Focus information, after which the President of the BND, Ernst Uhrlau, denied that he could have gone to stop unknown hands any sensitive material. The case has raised a stir in Germany, where own moving Department is subject to recurrent controversy over the high cost that behave. The opposition Social Democrat and Green has demanded clarification of the matter and housed the coalition of center-right Chancellor Angela Merkel leads to explain what happened to the parliamentary control Commission, which is expected to happen after the summer break. Source of the news: steal the future headquarters of high-security German espionage planes